Antonella de Santis

Antonella foto webKelahiran Roma, Italia ini, sejak usia 25 tahun datang ke Bali untuk meneliti tentang seni wayang kulit dan kebudayaan pulau ini. Ia turut mengenalkan kesenian ini ke Amerika dan Eropa dalam berbagai kesempatan, antara lain di Art Festivals and Museums, dan lainnya. Ia juga mengulas film-film Italia dan Perancis dari sisi sinematografi dan dikaitkan dengan dokumenter ataupun film dalam berbagai bentuk seni.


Antonella De Santis was born in Rome, Italy. At the age of 25 she came to Bali to study Balinese culture, in particular dance and “Wayang Kulit” Balinese Shadow Puppets Theatre. Since year 1992  she made Bali her home. Her passion for Balinese culture and specifically Wayang Kulit made her travel with a Wayang Kulit group to different places in the world: in Europe and the USA. She introduced the Wayang Kulit group in Art Festivals and Museums and she held, together with the Balinese artists, presentations on this art form. In Bali she’s the owner of BLACKBEACH Italian restaurant in Ubud, where she holds cultural evenings and presents movie nights twice a week. Her film reviews focus mainly on Italian and French cinematography but also films from all over the world and documentaries or movies about different forms of art. She’s also part of a group called Gedebong Goyang with 3 other Western women living in Indonesia. Gedebong Goyang is a comedy group, the performances are in Balinese language for a Balinese audience and they speak of different social cultural and political issues.  She is still active on promoting the Wayang Kulit which she believes is a very important art tradition which had a big influence on the art of cinematography. 

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